where I run

The other day one of my running buddies and I went out for 8 miles. It was a great run but she is faster than me. We ran Portland, it being virgin territory for both of us. We did almost all of our LSD runs together and she finished PDX in 3:38 and me… 4:12. Boo. She missed A BQ by minutes and that’s the new harder standards of this year. I digress. I love running with people faster than me. LOVE IT! I have watched my buddy (Diane I know your reading this 😉 ) get faster while I kinda just coast at the same pace. It kinda hurts. While I am super happy for her I can’t help but think WTF?! Now she has a will like no other, where as I thought I did but apparently not enough to improve as much as I would have liked. Thats ok. It has been a good lesson in…um…lets see…what have I learned?? Think. Think….Oh yeah, that ya gotta put in the time if you want the results. Telling yourself you CAN do it and BELIEVING it. It is the believing part I have trouble with, sometimes you put the time in and still don’t get the results desired. Diane seems to believe in me more than I do myself and she is not blowing smoke up my ass. Not her style. And I love ya for that girl! So here’s to sucking it up and putting the best effort out there or quit my bitching.
where I run


Felt like a total dork making her take these pitcures but now that I have blog and all…….



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