When I first started running 8 years ago I was fitted for shoes back in Sacramento at Fleet Feet. I went with the Asics Kayano; the shoe seemed just fine. Hell what did I know, I’d never worn any kind of athletic shoe since the days of my Strawberry Shortcake shoes when I was 5 years old. At the time I purchased the shoes I also bought a pair of running capris, a pullover, ear warmers, socks and an impulse purchase of Jeff Galloway’s book.

At time the Asics’ along with my new bestie, Jeff were the finest thing that could have ever happened to me. I had zero intent to run a marathon I just wanted to be able to run and have it feel good. The key is….for the love of God…START SLOWLY! Don’t worry if you feel foolish running for 30 seconds then walking for 2 minutes. If you want to “become a runner” take a chill pill and ease into it. Build your confidence and don’t risk getting injured. The sure fire way new runners end up quitting is because they get hurt from doing to much too soon. Do your own thing and don’t, PLEASE don’t worry what other people may OR may not be thinking. What ever works and gets you out there, do it!

About a year ago when I started to spend more time and energy into running and seriously thinking about the possibility of getting better I decided to switch shoe brands to see if I noticed a difference. I went online and looked at some comparison charts and went with the Brooks Adrenaline. I was shocked how much lighter they felt (and they are a heavy shoe). I have stuck with them ever since. Also helps that I now have a hook up and can get 50% off all Brooks stuff.

Of course the book Born to Run was all the rage a few years back and has sparked quite the minimalist movement. I will never be a barefoot runner nor will I wear Vibrams; it just does not appeal to me (and I have been injury free thus far). I will, however definitely try a more minimalistic shoe. I know that I tend to run like a duck. My feet splay outward and I know I am not as efficient as I would like to be or could be.

see like a duck.

I was the only woman that wore just a sports bra. It got hot. I took off my shirt, didn’t care how it looked. I can’t stand things touching me. How do people run in tights for gods sake!?

Struggling last 2.5 miles slightly uphill. Nice form again.

I really like pictures of me…and that 1:43 was not my time. The clock freaking stopped! I made it just over 2 hours. I was so pissed. And it was hot and humid. Lame Becca. Lame. quack quack. Stupid. I didn’t push it at all in the beginning. Repeat Portland.
I came in 8th out of 37 in my AG and 21/101 of women. time of 2:03. not great.

Today I wore my Brooks Launch on the treadmill for 5 miles and my calves and shins felt a bit sore in the beginning but like they were working different muscles. They felt fine after a bit and ended my slowish run on 2% incline feeling great. The day has worn on and my lower back is starting to ache. I’m wondering if there is any correlation. I tend to pound a little when I run (so not graceful, see pictures, again). Although I do notice that it seems at a certain womanly time of the month my low back starts to hurt; again not sure of correlations. I am going to stick with the minimalist shoe for shorter miles because I really want to improve my form and I believe those shoes are a great tool. I hope it helps. 2012 is the year of getting faster and stop screwing around!
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