Seriously, how do you guys do it? You super awesome blogger runners out there? Every time I write a blog post I think, “Wow it has been a long time since I last posted and the quality is fairly superficial.” So thank you for giving me something enjoyable and helpful to read! It is appreciated please don’t stop!

Time is just a ridiculous annoyance. Always teasing me into offering more but giving less. First I blame time. Second, the more I realized people (especially family) actually (still) read this blog the more embarrassed and self conscious I become. The blog was started solely for the purpose of keeping people informed of the health of our daughter whom was born very premature. That was four years ago and she is doing awesome! It is just a little strange feeling to point the blog in a new direction.

I most defiantly would say I am not any sort of writer nor am I a person who likes to “journal” …ugh. But I do love me some running and talking about running, reading about running and encouraging others to run. This blog is now an unapologetic forum of all my self centered running desires. Feel free to leave any comment and encouragement along the way or keep your snarky thoughts to yourself. I hope to dial in the blog a bit more with a real header and maybe it is time for a new name. I am extremely computer inept and I HATE wasting time trying to figure out all the bells and whistles. Especially with the sandwich shop and catering business it would be great to have more tools on how to easily create a better blog. Any one have any suggestions? Happy Monday!


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