Couer D Alene

We finally made it to Couer D’Alene. Jesus, we live in BFE. My kids are making me crazy and I am having all kinds of phantom pains. Bummer is I can’t even drink (enough) tonight to conceal the crazies.
It is funny a year ago I was so freaked I wouldn’t be able to complete the distance of 13.1. Today I am worried about my “performance”. I am now ready to put my expectations out there: I will be highly disappointed if I don’t come under 2hrs. I will be thrilled if I come in under 1:50 and I might crap myself if I make it in under 1:45. Right now I am wishing I trained harder, was more studious, drank less booze, ate healthier, saved more money. I didn’t do any track work and didn’t really stick to a plan, except long runs on Sundays. I think my weekly mileage never exceed 30 miles and my longest run was 10.5. I know I can do it, just really don’t know how fast. Driving to the hotel with screaming kids, a tired husband and a nervous wife, I am thinking, “This is really silly.”

Time to head to the expo and packet pick-up. but I am excited for the silliness tomorrow.
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