Yesterday I registered for the Coeur d Alene Half Marathon.  I am really excited because even though I have been running for about 7 years, last year was my first half marathon.  It was so fun that one of my besties and I had planned to make it an annual event.  I didn’t have my heart set on it because of our schedule with the sandwich shop and the catering things always come up and I can’t really plan too far ahead.  BUT, last night John and I were looking at the schedule and voila’.  The last weekend of May is free.  He said, ” Ya, sure, that will work.”  As ya’ll know I don’t hesitate when given the go ahead; so registered and got the second to last hotel room at the Hampton Inn, right at the start/finish line.  How perfect!  Sadly, I don’t think my bestie will join this year, but next year hopefully. Won’t be the same with out ya girlfriend.

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