Couer D Alene half

Gearing up with Frances leg warmers on my arms. Ohhh, I am so hard core. I semi love this picture but shutter at the same time. I love it because I look all the part, I shutter because, ummm I’m no Kara Goucher. Fo’ Sho. It didn’t occur to me to bring a throw away shirt so the day before we stopped at the thrift store 5 minutes before closing to get me a throw away. Well I got the throw away and turns out I LOVE it and don’t want to give it up. Hence, Frances leg warmers on my arms. I gotta say it was kinda perfect; but I wasn’t trying to be “that girl”. Ha, I’m just naturally her.
The weather was perfect at the start, nice and cool. I am so glad I reread a few blogs, one in particular about pre- race thoughts. She said to dress like it was 20′ degrees warmer and even though I was pretty cold at the start I am SO glad I followed her advice. Nothing sucks worse than being hot; ok maybe hungover, but that part wasn’t in the cards today.
Not to get all mushy, but I have a pretty great husband. (At least I think so). He was super supportive and didn’t let me slack and drug lovingly toted the kids along the course. I got my PR for the half!
My time was 1:48:45 21 out of 156 in my age division
I felt really pretty good the entire time. I tried to bank some time on the down hills but I really waited to about mile 5-6 to try to speed up. My worst fear is dying out and falling, cramping, etc. I was holding pretty steady and passing people up until about mile 11. Not only had I only done 10.5 as my longest but the last few miles were a gradual up hill. I’m not making excuses just re-playing over and over and oh-ver in my head the race. All in all I am really happy with the results. Considering this is my 3rd half in a year and I just started running 7 yrs ago. Here are my splits, so we can go over it just one more time. 8:27 8:10 8:18 8:05 8:10 8:10 8:03 8:13 8:09 8:13 8:23 8:30 8:06 My Garmin says I averaged 8:14 for 13.2 miles but results say like 8:20 pace. Does anyone know why?? See where this is going? I’m greedy. I want more!
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