This was such a fun idea!  Erica do you even know how antsy I was to open your present?! It is so great! Thank you Thank you Thank you!
The card with it said, “All I want for Christmas is more time to run!”
Maybe see you in Portland?
This post took a little while because John and I are spending 3 nights is Seattle sans kids! Whoot whoot!  We are staying HERE and having a GREAT time.  This trip is for our eleven year anniversary as well as a food research mission.  We own a small sandwich shop and catering business so this is my kind of research.  I ran on the hotel treadmill for 50 min yesterday and hopefully can get outside for a run along the water. Feeling a little under the weather so don’t want to push it too much.  2011 is going to be my year.  I registered for PORTLAND in October.  All 26.2 of it! Anyone else planning on that race?
Happy Holidays!
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