I don’t know about anyone else out there but in order to not drive all my friends away I need blog buddies who want to talk about running incessantly.  It is kinda great because there is intimacy but autonomy as well.  You can do it when it is convenient for you and there is no pressure.  I mean talk about a perfect relationship.  I took a big step today and became a follower of my fave blog.  So here we go.

Also on the Yax Trax note, they are awesome.  A little strange but it is great to be outside running.  I did rejoin the YMCA too because I am completely freaked out of getting hurt and want the option of the treadmill.  It has been great, we signed up the entire family and it gives us more options of things to do so we don’t feel so cooped up this winter.  Also living in a small town it is very community orientated and we have lots of friends that go as well.
ps…tring to figure out the daily mile.  I have been running…. swear

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