Which Program

We had to take our daughter to the ER the other night because she sounded awful. I was worried it was pneumonia but turns out she has croup. Poor thing. This morning woke up to a flat tire as well, so my planned work out at the Y is kabushed. Oh well. Kinda nice to still be in pjs drinking my 17th cup of coffee. My stomach is having an acid par-tay.

Yesterday I had a pretty good run, albeit shorter than I wanted. Dam Garmin took forever to find satellites. I may have had my fastest run and it seemed pretty effortless. I went 4 miles at 8:40 pace and slight up hill for half of it. Why is it that some days are so easy and others suck ass? So now of course I am super motivated to get out there again, although I am going to look as today as a blessing in disguise. Rest days are the key to getting better and stronger, in my 7 years of running that seems to be the pattern. I wish I could do my first marathon in late spring but the timing is just sucky. It is really hard to wait. But I am going to take this opportunity to build a stronger base. I am also trying to figure out what “program” I want to follow. Of course my goal is to “just” cross the finish line. But…I want to finish strong, like I still have a little left in the tank; or at least I could have pushed harder. I hope this will not be my first and last marathon (easy to say now, I know). Any good suggestions for a program?

One thought on “Which Program

  1. Hey you. I’m going to take you up on that Sandwich if I ever come to your neck of the woods! I love Sandwiches. Today is a rest day for me but not a scheduled one…just an “I think I need one” kind of day. Excited to get back in there. I love my Brain Training book…great plan!

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