Birthday #2

We walked to Whitman College so my kiddos could meet the Seattle Mariners.  Pretty cool.  They autographed his hat as well.  My son also celebrated his 7th birthday.  My daughter has her 3rd birthday.  Holy smokes I am wiped out.

This week in running has been L.A.M.E.  I have felt completely exhausted.  Maybe it’s the creepy fog that lingers here in this valley.  I never thought the dreary weather would affect me.  Hmmm. Maybe”perfect, boring”  California did have an impact on me.  If it did or didn’t I still have no desire to go back; not at this point anyway. 

 I have run 18 miles so far this week.  Not too bad I guess since I am slated to do at least 4 on Saturday and maybe just 3 tonight when my husband gets home.  I also did stability ball 2x this week.  The tiredness and soreness maybe because I did 8 on Sunday at a faster than normal pace. Average 8:50 per mile instead of 9:30 ish.  Not bad.  But defiantly broke the “increase by 10%” rule.  That is ok though because I went running with Diane and we pushed each other and it was great to see an improvement!  So sore shins and being tired aren’t too bad. 

Oh yeah, then I took the kids sledding the same day. Duh, no wonder why I am tired.  Who do I think I am, Super Woman? Oh, yeah, I do think that. der

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