Day 8


Not a big fan of these cartoons but this one made me cry so hard I starting laughing wine snot out of my nose.

So much for my no drinking till Thanksgiving, that was a stupid idea anyway. I worked a long night and have been pretty “veganish” for the last maybe 2 months or so and it was time for some delicious, self pity, fat filled truffle mac & cheese accompanied by a glass of a big local Cabernet. Oh, I know, I sound so fancy. That’s just how I roll-fur realz.


Today is day 8 no running. Headed to voodoo doc in a hour, hopefully to get this knot out or fix my chi flow or whatever needs to be done. I plan on running tomorrow. Tomorrow is my day. I can feel it.

Dear Lord, for the well being of myself and the people that have committed to share a home and business with me, and the children involved whom had no choice to end up in crazy town…please fix this. Quickly. Ah-men.

How do you deal with a pity party? Sucks huh!

*quick side note pet peeve-
Yes I know I’m not going to go for the gold in the Olympics. Duh…thank you very much. I hate when people think they are trying to make you feel better when they say, “it’s not like your an Olympic athlete. Don’t worry. Listen to your body. There’s more important things.”
Uh…right. Thanks for your brilliant insight. Why didn’t I look at it that way!? As I continue to scrape out my eyeballs and then go for theirs.
See, just peachy.

3 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. I think a nice glass of red is a good idea! And…yes, in the big picture running isn’t everything, but to a runner, it’s pretty high up there. It’s ok to be upset!

  2. Don’t worry. It Will all work out. Your body knows what it needs. Maybe you just need a weekend away to stop thinking about this “running thing”. Theres always next year….bleh.trow up in mouth .. Get that voodoo door doc to go Mr miagi on you and fix this. 🙂 go get that effing unicorn!

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