Completely unrelated to running but we finally have a real website for GRAZE.
It’s only taken 3yrs since we opened the sandwich shop, we are super happy with the results and almost makes us look legit. Watch out “insert mediocre food chain here”.

Now if only I could do something snazzy with this blog O’ Mine, besides my charming personality and brilliant writing.

Oh, marathon training has officially started. Headed to CIM! Thanks to my super awesome in laws! Whoo hoo! Just the Joy Killer and myself December 2 in Sacto.

Training for any fall races? Any one want to invest in multiple sandwich shops now?

2 thoughts on “Work

  1. The Website Rocks. Sooo professional and the whitty writing is a plus! Fall Races, thinking of the Tri City relay. Coming off of an injury sucks and you are always afraid that you will mess it up again. So happy for you to be getting out of town for CIM šŸ™‚

  2. The web site looks awesome–now you just need to put one in Md and then we’re all set!

    You’re going to have a fantastic CIM–can’t believe it’s close enough to train for.

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