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I’m ready to start training again,I’m feeling great and healthy. The big question now is what race. Our local Tri-Cities small marathon the last week of October or the well known, CIM in Sacramento the first week of December. In an ideal word I would LOVE LOVE if just John and I could goto Sacto in December. Sacramento is where we moved from and we have a handful of very good friends still there. Everything about CIM is an absolute yes but….the kid issues.
So the practical thing is Tri-cities but I’d really love to do CIM for a zillion reasons.

Also I heard from a veteran runner that Boston was going to shorten the time requirements again. He said by 10 minutes! I checked on BAA website and did not see any such thing.

Has anyone heard about BAA qualifying times? Also should I try to force CIM this year or not?Whats your next big race?

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4 thoughts on “Next race

  1. Yes you should do CIM b/c I want to meet you! And no, had not heard any of the BAA rumors, but it’s interesting. I would think they wouldn’t make any moves that way for a few years at least to test out the new standards.

  2. I haven’t heard that either. Go for CIM, you have been to the Tri Cities before… you no have friends or family that kids can stay with for a night if you take the whole fam? Besides, after wedding maddness you and John will need a break šŸ™‚ Go for it Girl!!

  3. I’m so glad you’re feeling healthy and ready to start training again! I hadn’t heard that about Boston, but I’m nowhere close to a BQ right now even if they don’t change the cut offs.

  4. well as you know I am a fan of Tri Cities marathon! but I am a fan of most marathons!! maybe run half in tri cities as part of a relay??

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