See you soon



Well here we are. Tapering. There will be no drinking until after crossing that finish line. That’s my punishment (I mean reward) to myself. How bad do you want it, Becca? We shall see in 10 days.

Funny my tapering time seems pretty much like my 16 weeks of training. I hurt my shin the 4th freaking week into training for Eugene and its not been the same since. I think I took almost a total of 2 entire weeks off of nothing at all. Boo.
My long runs looked like this:
Half Mary (pr)
17 (run from hell
2.5 hrs on elliptical
1hr on elliptical
Then 8 this Sunday

Not a whole lot of long runs. Barely any speed work. Meh. Through this training and crazy shin splint I almost feel stronger than I did for Portland; it will be what it will be. I’m shooting for sub 4 and I think my mind is in the right spot. That’s the first step in the right direction at least!

So now I will be fueling up on this mixed with soda water


And lots of green stuff


Do you ever give up any thing when you taper or train? How does it work out for you? How much of racing is mental?

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2 thoughts on “See you soon

  1. Call me crazy, but I think there is something to not pounding our bodies into the ground. I felt great (besides the heat) for all 26 miles. My mind was in the right spot, my body felt great….better than it had….the starts were aligned.
    You are ready….probably more than you know. You’ve got a sub 4 in you!

  2. I think the fact that you PRd a 1/2 not all that long ago speaks volumes for what you might be able to do. We never think our training is good enough, even in the best of conditions. Believe in yourself and you can do it!

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