24 days

Let’s see. Last week I went on my longest run in two weeks. I ran 13 miles slower than MGP and it was windier than all get out..again. I explained to Niki that this is what pool running feels like. Lots of effort but going no where.
I was so happy that my shin was just whispering to me and it felt pretty good the next day.
Tomorrow is the big 20 miler. And I’m kinda freaked out. This will be my only really long run before Eugene. I plan on just going pretty chill and really hope I feel good and it will be a confidence booster. Dang it if it wasn’t for the two left shoe debacle I think this would have been a great training session. I keep forgetting this is only my second marathon. As much as I read and obsess about running there’s not a whole lot of credibly that I have.
Also I think I won’t register for any more races so far in advance because I just get too worked up about the whole thing.


What the hell?!? April 7th? Seriously.

Do you register for races early or late? Do you get worked up too?

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One thought on “24 days

  1. Oh that snow! Ugh.

    You’ll be fine–it may not be a PR, but you will get through the race and gain some experience from it to apply next go around.

    I usually don’t sign up all that far in advance for many races, unless it is one where you have to b/c it will sell out (a pet peeve of mine!)

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