A full week


Good Ole Uncle Ted came to visit from Colorado this week. We had great time albeit busier than normal with the opening of the drive thru, but it went really well. The actual physical part of opening isn’t as tiring as the mental aspect of trying to get all the stars aligned.
We (Zac and I) designed this sign to go above our original location.

When we decided to open a second location we then had him make a total of 3 signs. Not an inexpensive deal but Zac makes some really cool pieces. He built and designed the shelving for the new minimalist shoe store Born to Run across the street from the REI flagship store in Seattle. Let’s just say he has good taste. You should check out his web site if your into that sort of thing. Like any project there have been some details that needed to be worked out with the sign, painting of the building, installing kitchen equipment that have made me one tired girl.
In addition to all of that excitement my stupid shin has been bugging me still. Just a bit but enough that I decided not to run on it all week and hopefully save myself for my 15 miler this Sunday.
Thankfully I belong to the Y but even better I was able to elliptical with a good friend of mine (who is also having calf issues) at the Whitman gym.

I can’t believe how quickly and relatively painless it was to spend 60 minutes on that stupid machine when one has good company! Even if we did have to crawl out of bed at 4:45 AM. God bless you Marqui!
Wish me luck on my 15 miler tomorrow.
What are your thoughts on using the elliptical in place of running when marathon training? Do you prefer to workout with a friend or solo?

One thought on “A full week

  1. I hate the elliptical, I have to say, but it is a good substitute when the chips are down. Glad you had company. Fingers crossed the long run went well.

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