A whole lotta nuthin

It’s been almost a week since I’ve had a proper run. Last Thursday’s tempo was an awesome 7 miles, well except for the ache in my shin area. Friday I went to my doctor (who is awesome and happens to be a triathlete) He did an xray but thankfully did not appear to be a stress fracture. He said lay off it for a week. No spinning either, that aggravated it as well. Then the very next day, Saturday I ran just 3 slow miles in remembrance of Sherry. I had too. After that run my shin was yelling at me not to be a dumbass. Stupid. Dumbass. So needless to say I’ve been having manhattans and a micro pitty party. The weather here has not been helping my peppy attitude either. I can deal with overcast and rain but it has been foggy and every god dam “living” thing is brown. Brown wheat. Brown trees. Burnt brown grass. Brown tree bark. Ugh. So dead. So lifeless.

Sunday I surprised my son and took him skiing for the first time. Really I was in search if the sun.


Ha!!! Found it!
We had a pretty good time. It was my first time back skiing in 15 years or so and with my shin and shoulder that dislocate super easy I was kinda panicked.

Oops! Whose bright idea was this??

Ha! Oh yeah! Mine. Even though it wasn’t the best for my shin it turned out to be a great idea. Good mom/son bonding time. Just what the doctor ordered.


Otherwise I have been swimming about 3 times in last week. 1600 yards or about a mile each time. I think I’m kinda slow takes about 30-40 minutes I guess but I stop a lot and look around. Don’t ask at what. Swimming has been great, I really enjoy it. Perhaps a triathlon this year?!

We are headed to Seattle for a potential pretty cool business meeting and soon as we return I plan on getting back to my first true love.

What’s your true love sport? Do you have pitty parties or are you “life gives me lemons make lemonaid kind of a person?What is the longest you’ve been sidelined from an injury?

3 thoughts on “A whole lotta nuthin

  1. Ok–not to be the bearer of gloom and doom, but…a sfx won’t show up on x-ray for quite a while. The better route is to get a bone scan or MRI. Just be safe and don’t hurt yourself more!

    And yes, I am gloomy and doom w/o running, no matter how hard I try to put a good spin on it!

    1. Actually I was thinking the exact same thing when he showed me the X-ray. I was going to ask for MRI but I will shoot for giving it a week of rest to see how it feels. It’s weird. Sometimes my gut says its totally gonna be fine but deeper in my gut says uh-o. Ive never had a sf and its been bothering me for about 3 weeks. Head in the sand for one more week. Boo! Hey good luck on your swim too. Your probably all amped up for Boston now tho 🙂

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  2. I was sidelined from running for several weeks in the fall because of an ITB issue. It sucked and I did throw pity parties almost daily. I have never been skiing (I’m such a klutz I’m afraid I’ll break something and really end up sidelined), but I want to try snow shoeing sometime in the near future.

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