Write offs rule


Luckily or unluckily as some might say we own a small sandwich shop and catering business I love it!
Yesterday my fabulous in-laws took our precious children for two nights so we could goto Seattle on a research mission. Luckily they received a fantastic practical gift from my sister in-law so I know our children will be safe as grandma and grandpa have their hands free. Whew. Priorities.




So here we are after a quick flight to Seattle to check out some new equipment and test cook a few sandwiches. Arriving at Bargreens and getting a great tour and tons of information about equipment from Chef Bob we were ready to goto the hotel and chill out. Our flight left early so no run in the am but I have all day right?
WRONG-O! We laid around and rested for a bit then I finally talked myself into a quick 4 miles on the treadmill before happy hour. I get on the elevator and automatically push the basement button because in my experience most gyms are in the dungeon. I get to the bottom floor look around and realize no gym down here. FAIL. The brilliant idea to read the sign sinks in and I become excited to see the gym is on the 28th floor. Score. A view, so glad I rallied. Hearing the ding of the doors opening and low and behold hotel is remodeling. FAIL. Not meant to be, clearly there are only a few more days until training really begins so I’m going enjoying this work trip to the fullest!


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