I love presents.

In my husbands family we draw names for the adults at Christmas. My sister in law got me some good stuff. A cute running jacket and this intimidating watch.

Then my other brother and sister inlaw cooked an awesome authentic Chinese meal. Score!!!

They followed it up with this to hopefully last us another month at least.

I’ve got about a good 33.5 hours before the party’s over and training for Eugene begins. Live it up, Becca.

One thought on “I love presents.

  1. I can’t figure out how to get your new site to show up on my blog roll. I clicked the “follow” tab on the bottom, but it just sends me emails when you post something new. I guess that is ok, but I like it on my list!
    Love the new watch. I JUST got mine back out today. I’ve got my training plan from Eugene out for you and I’ll email you my plan for Boston. I’m going to toy with some different speed workouts, slow my long runs down and force myself to do one run per week that is 10 seconds faster than MP. We’ll see…..

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