Moving Forward

This week has brought sad news to a few people near and dear to me. Life is hard and unfair sometimes. Personally I think it is good and normal to get pissed off. We don’t always have to try to search for the silver lining; sometimes there isn’t one.

Some people probably have their opinions on why I run:
I want to be skinny, I shouldn’t drink so much, I’m selfish, I’m trying to escape from something. There may be a bit of truth in all those things and frankly I don’t lament too much what other people think. Today while alone on my favorite trail at Bennington Lake in 90 degree weather out of the blue I thought of my friend going through tough times. There was no reprieve from the sun, I could barely eek out 9.5 minute miles, I wanted so badly to stop, to walk back to the car, it felt like my heart had been swallowed and and I couldn’t get any air. I would not let myself stop. I went slowly but kept moving forward. I caught my breathe. I made it back to the car. There is one thing important I’ve learned for myself through hard times, to not stop. Keep moving, one day you will turn around and realized how far you’ve come. I suppose you could say 26.2 miles signifies that for me.

What keeps you moving? Do you often find the silver lining?

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2 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. This post really resonated with me today. A grad school colleague of mine died this weekend, leaving behind a wife and three kids under the age of 13. There are times when life is hard and things are shitty and optimism seems inappropriate.

  2. Great post. Life is definitely not all unicorns and rainbows and running is a great metaphor for that, to be sure! Sending good vibes your friends’ way.

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