I was doing totally fine, pumped and excited about the race. Now, I feel like I want to puke. My shins still hurt and I think I am getting the black lung. We leave in 2 days. Holy crap 26.2 miles is a long freaggin way to run. I challenge you to make a conscience choice to drive the distance one day and you’ll see. Then to run it?! Then to say, “I want to run it so and so time.” Marathoners are crazy. Ok enough worry here. It’s too late, the work is done. No cramming for marathons.
Oh yeah my bib number for Eugene is 1315.


On another note, look at this beauty. Now we have two vehicles for the business. The drive thru is actually going pretty well! We’re not losing money so that’s a success right there.
Well let’s have marathon success and business success. That’s not too much ask is it?

Do you ever drive the 26.2 course before you run it? Does it help you or freak you out?Are you calm before races or nutty?

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One thought on “1315

  1. Deep breaths! Your biz success is a precursor to marathon success, I’m sure of it! I have never driven a marathon course before–always just wing it! I suppose it would be quite intimidating!

    Go get it!!

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