It’s official

It kinda grates on my nerves when you ask someone how they are doing and their response is,”Oh my God, I’m just sooo busy.”
I mean we are all busy, right? Whether it be a stay at home mom(dad) or working mom(dad), or college student, and even some retired folk. We all think we are sooo busy. So, I really try to refrain from using that term. I feel it is understood that absences might be longer than hoped, text messages in place of phone calls, and a general chaos always looming. That is what makes life fun, or at least interesting.
So today our sign finally was installed.

I’m thrilled with the work Zac accomplished. It’s really cool to see something come from nothing. Kinda like my running. (nice segway right ?)

After my last mopey post my running partner, Diane came to my work with a coffee in hand to stage what I think is called an intervention. She prefaced her thoughts with, “Now, I’m going to tell you this because I’m your friend.”
I was sitting there like,”Dear Lord…whaattt??Spit it out already!”
Basically she said she thought I might be being a bit dramatic with my shin thing. That sometimes running can hurt.
Me? Dramatic!? Not a chance.

Now my feelings were not hurt nor was I offended. I fully appreciate honesty. I mean you can be as honest with me as you like and if I don’t agree with you it’s no skin off my back if you are wrong. No harm, no foul. But don’t poke the bear. Don’t put people down just to be mean. It is my belief Diane was being totally honest and trying to helpful. Kinda like the bald Doctor therapist dude who was Oprah’s sidekick for a while. Tough love I think it is called.
And you know what? The next day I had a pretty kick ass 8 miler and I was pulled right out of my funk. My shin still ached but wasn’t painful.

Having never been really injured (also having never pushed myself too much)
I don’t know where the line is, I sense I’m getting close to it and it scares me. Sunday is 18 miles and lets hope there is very little scare.

Where is the line between pushing yourself and preventing real injuries? How do you handle honesty? How much honesty is too much?

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One thought on “It’s official

  1. I definitely think that honesty is refreshing, and I wish so many people wouldn’t automatically assume that all criticism is negative or mean-spirited. Sometimes we need a little tough love in order to get out of a rut, improve, or move past our comfort zones.

    I hope your 18 miler goes great!

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